Luxury Paint Colors for Your Luxury Home!

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At Medallion Home, we take great pride in creating homes that are well-built, comfortable and beautiful. With that as a starting point, it’s no wonder that for our homeowners, one of the best parts of owning a Medallion home is the opportunity to decorate and add their own personal style. 


Here are some expert tips for decorating your luxury Medallion home with just the right paint colors.  


Choosing the Right Home Interior Paint Colors


Paint is an easy way to add elegance and sophistication while reflecting your style and your home’s innate splendor. Our professional design team carefully chooses paint colors for all our move- in ready homes, or works directly with you to help choose a color that works best for your style. If you follow the same guidelines that the professionals use, you’ll be able to find luxury paint colors that make your new Medallion home shine. 


Get inspired.

Look through magazines and design sites for stimulation. Or take inspiration from your favorite pieces of art. Consider your existing furniture and accessories. Having an idea of what appeals to you is a good place to start. Create a mood board with pieces of each design element—a tile or wood sample, a pillow, statement accessories—and choose a paint color that pulls the whole room together.


Know your colors & hues.

It seems obvious, but choosing colors you like for your interiors is a sound basis for a decorating plan. Experiment with lighter or darker shades of your favorite colors. Colors look different in gradient hues. Use Color Theory to see how colors relate to each other. Instead of looking for a perfect match, go for a complementary tone. Remember: It’s all about balance.  use color theory to find the perfect paint match for your home

Consider tone & finish.

Before you go all-in on a particular color, pay attention to the undertone of the shade you like. Is it warm or cool? Does it have a red, yellow or blue tone? Consider how those undertones will coordinate with your furniture or accessories. Also, compare how different finishes (matte, semi-gloss, gloss, metallic) look when applied in large expanses. Glossy finishes suggest a more formal feeling, while matte finishes are cozier. 


Evaluate space & light.

How much natural and artificial light does a room get? (Colors look different at different times of the day.) What’s outside? Lots of green trees will add a greenish tone to any paint. How tall are the ceilings? Are there unique architectural details? Are there rooms adjoining the space? How do the rooms “speak” to each other? 


Coordination & continuity.

While you don't have to use just one color throughout the entire house, there should be a color palette strategy. For example, if you choose a light color scheme for your entertaining areas, choose coordinating colors for the family areas. Coordinating colors/hues between rooms gives your spaces a sophisticated look.

What Are Some Luxury Home Interior Paint Colors?


Just as Medallion homes are immediately recognizable for their sophistication, some colors instantly suggest elegance, too. Your luxury home interior paint color depends on what kind of “luxury” you like: subtle or bold, simple or sparkly, muted or bright, velvet or silk. 


Don’t underestimate simplicity.

A simple, neutral color palette can be the ultimate luxury. Whites, creams, greys or pale pastels applied in different tones, textures and finishes are elegance itself. And they make rooms look light and airy.  neutral color palettes can be the best paint for a home interior

Classic combos.

Certain combinations are “go-to’s” for a reason. Taupe and white go perfectly with blues. Dusty blue/grey looks incredible with bright white or rich black. Deep forest green pairs well with gold or marble. And black/white/grey is probably the most timeless combination in history. 


Saturated but sophisticated.

Shades of muted blue-green mix well with medium wood tones. Muted greens are cozy when mixed with grey or mustard. Shades of dark or greyish blue are instantly peaceful and comforting. Deep chocolate contrasted with light furnishings is the epitome of elegance.


Bold and beautiful.

Apple red is daring yet timeless, especially when paired with bright white. Pale orange pops with red for a refreshing and friendly palette. Yet dusky orange is well paired with gold for a completely different feel. And then there are endless variations of pink. Rose? Salmon? Cotton candy? The key is to go with a pink that blends well with the other colors in the space. 


Paint is personal. Do what feels right. 


At Medallion Home, luxury is all about having a thoughtfully designed home that perfectly complements your lifestyle. Choosing the right home interior paint colors will add just the right personality and ambience to your new Medallion home. 

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