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Those sweet summer days have returned, and there is no better time to host a barbeque. Especially when you can make good use of your outdoor kitchen, grilling out on the lanai! (Or if the weather’s not cooperating, you can barbeque just as well in the kitchen!) 


Outdoor Barbecue Kitchen

Hosting the perfect summer event is simpler than you think. The first step, other than procuring a grill, is to invite your family and friends and estimate the number of people you will be cooking for. Now take that number and add about five more. 


Here are some other BarbeCUEs:


CUE NUMBER ONE: Be Prepared. 

A common cause of barbeque phobia is not having enough food to satisfy everybody’s needs. Pretending as if you are cooking for more people will ease your stress and possibly even save you from cooking dinner the next night. 

There are also concerns about what people can or like to eat. Take into consideration what you know about your guests. Who is a chowhound? Are there any food sensitivities/allergies among your guests? Can you provide adequate substitutes so no one feels left out? Are any of your guests meat-eaters who’ll stay far away from the veggies? Will there be kids at the party? Make sure to have-friendly drinks.


CUE NUMBER TWO: Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hellish.

To set your get-together apart from the rest of the field, consider healthier alternatives to traditional high-calorie options. Instead of potato salad with mayo, opt for fruity summer salads or grilled vegetables. For your meat options, stay away from fatty meats, like ribs and pork chops, and instead grill up seafood, flank steak, or boneless chicken breasts. There are also plenty of veggie burger options for any vegetarian guests. 


CUE NUMBER THREE: Relish Today. Ketchup Tomorrow.  

There is more to a party than just feeding your guests. Keeping them happy and entertained is also part of your hosting duties. Make sure they are comfortable, with plentiful seating, a cool breeze, and good tunes. 

Citronella torches can be an easy way to spruce up the yard and keep the mosquitos away in the process. When your guests are not busy swatting bugs, they will be ready to play games. (Whether these games involve alcoholic beverages or not is up to you.) Your local superstore sells a plethora of entertainment options, from badminton to board games. 


With these BarbeCUES, there will be no mis-steak-ing that you are the Heisenburger of barbeques.

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