10 reasons that Sarasota-Bradenton is one of the Best Place to Live in America!

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Each year, U.S. News & World Report publishes a list of the best places to live in America. The Sarasota metropolitan area always makes the list… and it’s no secret why. (Especially for those of us who already live here!) But for the uninitiated, we’ll give you our top 10 reasons! 

1) The weather, obviously. After all, daily sunshine, bay breezes, and no chill in the air draw thousands of visitors to Florida annually. And it’s why so many of them decide to stay! 

2) The beaches. Our local beaches, renowned for unique, sugary white sand, are among the best in the country. They’re soft and beautiful, like something in a dream. You’ll never want to feel anything else beneath your feet. 

3) The great outdoors. The Bradenton/Sarasota area is blessed with so many natural resources. An abundance of parks, nature preserves, and walking trails offer easy access to everything from playgrounds and dog parks to hiking and horseback riding. 

4) The arts scene. Unlike many places in Florida, Sarasota has a nationally recognized art community, complete with a renowned Art Museum, an opera company, orchestras, theatres, galleries, and more. 

5) The food. Florida has such an eclectic food scene, and the restaurants in Sarasota are outstanding. From classic seafood to unbelievable burgers, elegant French cuisine to sushi or pho, there are options for every taste. 

6) The nightlife. While it’s not Miami, downtown Sarasota offers plenty of after-hours fun. Bars, nightclubs, breweries, comedy clubs… you may even spot a celebrity or two! 

7) The festivals & events. There’s always something fun going on, whether it’s a music festival or a beach volleyball tournament, or a medieval fair. 

8) The sports teams. The local Tampa Bay teams are successful, exciting, and fun. You’re only an hour from professional baseball, football, or ice hockey. 

9) The airport. Yup. The airport. Unlike many, Sarasota-Bradenton International is convenient, stress-free, and user-friendly. Ideal for all of your out-of-town visitors! 

10) Medallion Home. As one of the most acclaimed home builders in the state, we strive to create homes that are beautiful and exceptionally well built. Our attention to detail and dedication to quality create communities that are truly great places to live. 


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At Medallion Home, we build our communities in Sarasota and Bradenton because they are thriving locations with great recreation and incredible lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a maintenance-free villa or acres of land, you’ll love experiencing these acclaimed towns for yourself when you visit!