Impact Windows: Next Level Peace of Mind

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In Florida and throughout the country, PGT® Impact Windows are the gold standard when it comes to storm protection. Here at Medallion Home, we initially offered these premium windows as an upgrade because of the investment, but they provide so much benefit to the home and peace of mind to the homeowner that we've decided to make them our standard in every home we build


What Are Impact Windows?


Impact windows combine heavy-duty aluminum frames with impact-resistant, laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process to keep the glass from breaking away from its frame. That means that during storms and hurricanes, if flying debris hits your windows, they will stay intact rather than shatter, protecting your home from the elements and people and pets from shards of glass. But these windows can do even more...


Noise Reduction


Your home should be your sanctuary, one where you leave the outside world at the door, and that includes noise. Noise pollution is a very real thing and can disrupt your sleep at night, focus during work, or even a good movie night. PGT®’s impact windows reduce noise from outside by as much as 65%.


UV Protection


The sun’s UV rays are good in small doses to help your body create essential Vitamin D, but there's really no good reason to have them flooding the interior of your home. These powerful rays can fade your furniture, flooring, and drapes, making these items look old and worn before their time. Impact windows can preserve the beauty of your home and help you save money by filtering out 99% of UV rays, while still allowing in natural sunlight.


Maximum Energy Savings


Heating and cooling a home accounts for nearly half of the average American home's energy costs. 




About 23% of all home break-ins are accessed through a first-floor window. Impact windows are designed to withstand repeated impact from a 9-lb, 2x4 beam traveling at 34 miles per hour. It's very, very hard to break an Impact Window (if it can be done at all)l — not the kind of challenge most burglars want to face. 


Return on Investment


For all the reasons above, particularly in Florida where tropical storms and hurricanes are a way of life, impact windows are appealing in any home. These specialty windows can yield as much as an 80% return on investment, ensuring that you'll get top dollar should you ever need to sell your home.


Now Standard in All Medallion Homes

High quality, impact-resistant windows shouldn't be luxuries — they should be standard features. That's why we now include them in every new home we build. Enjoy the benefits of increased storm protection, noise reduction, UV protection, savings, and security every day. Contact us to learn more.