9 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

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Even though it feels like spring for much of the year in Florida, it's always nice to acknowledge the season of growth and take a few moments to refresh and decorate our homes. From blossoming flowers to sparkling sun rays, make the most of the colors and sentiments that spring is all about! Here are a few design and decor tips to welcome spring into your home, so you can enjoy the season to the fullest!


1. Bring plants and flowers into your home. Whether they’re in vases, hanging planters, or sprawled on the mantle, more greenery and color will brighten anyone's day! Adding plants into the home is definitely a way to keep it even healthier.

2. Designate a weekend to do some spring cleaning to bring in the new season! Nothing feels more refreshing than an organized home, so grab the vacuum and cleaning supplies and go room by room to tackle the dust and dirt that’s been building up all winter.

3. You probably didn’t wear heavy coats this winter, but even your windbreakers get a break during springtime in Florida! Give your walk-in closet a makeover by switching into the clothes you’ve been waiting to wear! Pull out those fun blouses, linen pants, and sandals and put them within easy reach for the season. 

4. Let the light in! Nothing feels more like spring than fresh air and natural light, so part those curtains and open up those large windows (even if just for a bit in the mornings). If your curtains are large and bulky, consider switching them out for a light and flowy look!

5. Splashes of color in the home are back on trend. Replace your pillows, rugs, and accessories to add pops of spring colors. Fun accent pieces with lots of color and even fun patterns are the perfect and affordable way to brighten up any room. With our floor plans, you definitely have enough room to incorporate all of the trending spring colors!

6. Lemonade, strawberry shortcake, lavender sorbet... the options are endless when it comes to cooking creatively with spring ingredients. Keep your new gourmet kitchen stocked with fruits and seasonal veggies that are light and refreshing treats that really scream springtime!

7. Speaking of lavender, spring-scented candles are back in stock and ready to be lit! Filling your home with all the calming and enjoyable scents of the season is the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.


8. Getting the outside of your home ready for spring is just as important as the inside. Decorate your entryway with blossoming wreaths and potted flowers to properly welcome your guests and create an inviting new look for the season!

9. Don’t just plant a new bed of flowers — switch out your actual bed as well! Exchange heavier bedding for lighter sheets and duvets. It’ll be easy to catch some ZZZs in the right linens.


Spring is the perfect time to have fun with your home decor. Use these helpful tips to enjoy all the feelings of the season inside and outside your home!