Tips for Moving to a New City


Whether you are moving from out of state or from another part of Florida, it is always good to be prepared before you head out with the moving truck. Even if you are moving to a new city for the best reasons — like a new job or to be close to great schools — the process can seem overwhelming. Make it easier by breaking up the move into small steps on a checklist. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for move to a new city.


Tips for Moving to a New City


Act Like You Live There


When you are first considering a new city, take some time to visit the area for at least a few days and get comfortable with the lifestyle. Now is the time to check out different neighborhoods to live in, what your potential commute to work might be, how close your child’s school is, and where the nearest conveniences are like grocery stores, hospitals, and gas stations.


Calculate Cost of Living


Take a few minutes to calculate your monthly expenses now and compare it to the cost of living in the new city. You may either have to cut corners to make it work or you'll be pleasantly surprised by the dollars you'll save. It's best to know how a move will impact your financial situation so you can be prepared.


Set Up Your New Home in Advance


If you are buying a new home in a new city, and you’re able to go to the closing, spend a few extra days to set up cable, internet, gas, electricity, and any services that you might need right away, like bottled water delivery. When moving day comes, you will be able to settle down right away and relax!

Set Up Home in Advance

Spread Out the Move


Especially if you’re moving from out of state, make it easier on yourself by spreading the move out over a couple of days. For example, if you are within a day's drive of your new location, plan to load the moving truck one day, drive it the next, and unload it the following day. It will be much easier to stay focused and energized if you don't cram too many activities into one day.

Moving Tips

Cut Off Utilities in Your Current Home


Don’t forget to alert your current utility companies that you will no longer be living at that address. Close out accounts in your name and ask the companies to shut off service on a certain date. 


File a Change of Address


Don't forget to do this! You’ll want to set up a forwarding address through the United States Postal Service to ensure that you continue to receive important mail. Be sure to also file a change of address with your credit card companies, banks, and any other important institutions.


Get Your Car from Here to There


If you’re not keen on driving long distances, there are options for getting your car to the new city. You can tow it behind the moving truck (if someone else is driving), or you can choose to ship your car cross country.  


Prepare Your Pets


Pets are people, too! To avoid stress and anxiety, make sure they have everything they need before the big move. Prepare their food, bowls, crates, blankets, beds, snacks, leash, baggies, and of course, their favorite toys. Pack all the items into one box and label it with your pet’s name, and be sure that box goes everywhere your pet goes (and not accidentally on the moving truck, for example). 

Moving With Pets

Transfer Medications


Even if you are stocked up on your medications for the move, call the pharmacy that is closest to your new home and make sure they have all your prescriptions in case you need anything in a hurry. 


Moving to a new city can be hard work, but with a lot of planning and preparation, it can be a smooth process that gets you into your new home quicker, so that you can start enjoying your new life. Keep this checklist handy and you’ll be settled in in no time! 

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