Fun Ways of Staying Active in Retirement


At Medallion Home, we believe that health and wellness are key to a happier retirement. That’s why our 55+ Lakes of Mount Dora community offers open, airy homes that keep you comfortable, along with endless opportunities just beyond your door to do what you love — and love every minute of it. 


From first-rate amenities like pools, fitness classes and a well equipped fitness studio, to walking trails, and sports courts to flexible, open space in your home that can be used however you wish, you’re free to do whatever makes you happy! Take a look at how you can spend a day staying active in your new home and community: 




Start off your morning with a cup of coffee in your light-filled kitchen or on your lanai, then head out to a walking trail for a leisurely stroll. Whether with neighbors or on your own, a nice walk is the perfect way to clear your mind and get ready for the day ahead. 


You can even organize a fun and casual walking/jogging club with your neighbors, and meet at the same time each morning to enjoy each other’s company while swapping workout tips and motivation. Plus, when the mood strikes, head to one of the many sports courts (tennis, bocce, basketball, pickleball, croquet) for a competitive match with friends, or hop into the pool to swim some laps!




Especially on those perfect, balmy Florida days, there’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors from home. Head to your spacious, private lanai to unwind with yoga or no-equipment exercises like lunges, high knees, squats, or whatever you like. Set the tone with your favorite music and enjoy the peace and quiet of your open space!


Best of all, with the flexible rooms inside your home, from a den to a guest bedroom, you can create an at-home gym that allows you to stay active whenever you want, at your own pace. Incorporate your favorite workout equipment (dumbbells, resistance bands, step machines, etc.) a mirror, a towel rack, and a mini fridge to keep your drinks cold for an added touch of “gym luxury.”




As you may know, between all of the mixing, mashing, and chopping, cooking can be a real workout. In your gourmet kitchen, cook up a sweat! You already know that cooking keeps you on your toes, so try out new recipes (or even more than one at once) that challenge your culinary skills and keep you active. The best part is the post-workout meal! 


If you like to unwind in the evening with hobbies like writing, reading, and arts and crafts, try a standing desk as opposed to sitting down. You don’t have to purchase one either — you can simply place whatever you’re using on an elevated surface, and voila. This way, you can exercise by doing calf raises and leg extensions, or even just by simply moving your body however you like. You won’t believe how much a little movement will get your creativity flowing.


Staying Active in Retirement with Medallion Home


At Medallion Home, staying active is all about doing the things you love. Whether you like to exercise outside with friends and neighbors, utilize amenities, or get creative and find new ways to stay active in your home, there are so many opportunities to feel your best throughout the day. This year, staying active makes your daily life more fulfilling than ever! 


For more information about our beautiful 55+ community in Mount Dora, please contact us at 914-214-9857.