Why You Should Retire in Florida

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Yes, these are just a few of the many things you will experience on a daily basis when you choose to retire around sunny southwest or central Florida. If you’ve ever taken a relaxing beach vacation, you know the feeling of the warm breeze in your hair and a cold drink in your hand under a palm tree — and at Medallion Home, we think you should enjoy this feeling every day, not just when you plan for it. 


That’s why we created our communities to provide the perfect balance between vacation luxury and everyday comfort. When you settle down in Hampton Lakes or Waverley in Sarasota, Watercolor Place or Aqua in Bradenton, or Lakes of Mount Dora in Mount Dora, not far from Orlando, you’ll enjoy a high-quality home with outdoor living space near all of the things you love in town and beyond. It’s finally time to say hello to 24/7 sunshine, relaxation, and fun! 


Why Do People Retire in Florida?

Short drive to the beach. Can you hear the soothing sound of the waves yet? Grab your sunglasses and beach chair… your days are now filled with lots of lounging! 


Community amenities. A clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, nearby shops and restaurants — with the different amenities varied by community, there’s always something to do! Open your front door and find everything you love, right at your feet.


Outdoor living. Life is better under the sun. With an outdoor living area like a spacious lanai, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of soaking up the sun right at home, whenever you want.


Open-concept layout. There’s nothing like having your friends and family over! Enjoy every minute of conversation and laughter without the barrier of walls in the way. 


Friendly neighbors. In a Medallion community, your neighbors love to enjoy the things you do, from happy hours and get-togethers to outings in town and more. 


Beautiful weather. It goes without saying that the Sunshine State is the place to be for beautiful weather. Finally, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of sunshine and blue skies year-round.


No State Taxes. Can you believe it? In Florida, you never have to worry about income taxes, so your money and time is spent on experiences and things that matter most to you. Finally, you have the freedom you deserve to live the way that you want to, and do exactly what you want with your funds. 


Charming hometown. All of our communities are specifically built in towns that bring endless happiness into your life. Explore all of the charming local restaurants, shops, and attractions you love! 


Outdoor recreation. There’s no place like Florida to swim, hike, bike, play, and relax. From the beach to world-class golf courses and beyond, you have endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.


At Medallion Home, we believe that your retirement should be all about you. That’s why our communities around Sarasota and Orlando ensure that you always have the opportunity to do the things you love, day or night. From the single-family homes in Hampton Lakes, Waverley, and Lakes of Mount Dora, to the villas and single-family homes at Watercolor Place, you can choose the personal sanctuary that fits you best.


For more information about our homes and communities, please contact us at 914-214-9857.