The Many Benefits of Moving to Florida


Tropical climate. Beautiful beaches. Warm, sunny breezes. Nothing compares to life in the Sunshine State. And we’re just talking about December. Whether you’re sipping cocktails with neighbors on your lanai, exploring something new in town, or watching the sunset on your gorgeous lanai, everyday moments are truly brighter in Florida.


From warm weather year-round to no state taxes, there are so many benefits and advantages to settling into a Medallion home in Southwest or Central Florida. Whether you already live here or you’re moving in from across the country, below are our top reasons to absolutely love living in the greatest state of all.


Medallion Home Florida Living Room


Why Are People Moving to Florida?


Move-In Ready Homes: In this market, they are a rarity, but we have homes that are ready for you to move into now! Our move-in ready homes feature our most popular floor plans and offer amazing features like private pools, extended lanais, gourmet kitchens, and so much more. With interest rates still so low, why wait when you can start living your best life in Florida now? 


Model Lease Back Program: If you love the models at Medallion Home communities, but aren’t quite ready to make a move, you can take advantage of our award-winning Lease Back Program. You buy the model home of your choice, we lease it from you to continue using it as a model for an agreed period of time, we take care of all the maintenance, and you move when you’re good and ready!


Warm Weather: The rumors are true! The weather in Florida is typically warm and sunny year-round, which means you have all the time in the world to bask in the sun and enjoy the comfort of the great outdoors. In your Medallion home, every day is another opportunity to sit back, kick off your flip flops, and let the sunshine in on your peaceful and private front lanai, whether you’re throwing a New Year’s BBQ with neighbors or simply sitting out with a great book in hand.


No State Taxes: Can you believe it? In Florida, you never have to worry about income taxes, so your money and time is spent on experiences and things that matter most to you. Finally, you have the freedom you deserve to live the way that you want to, and do exactly what you want with your funds. Best of all, the general cost of living in Florida is low, so you can enjoy yourself without any of the added stress that comes with excessive prices. Feel free to live on your terms, because now you can!


Outdoor Sports: When you pair spectacular scenery and sprawling land with warm weather, you get the perfect grounds for sports. Florida is certainly known for its world-class golf, and it’s easy to see why. But whether you’re a veteran of the green, or you love to play tennis, sail and go fishing, or simply walk and run outside, you have every opportunity to stay as active as you want with the sport of your choice. Get out on the golf course or the water and feel your worries wash away!


It’s Snow Problem: Although there might be a special place in your heart for a little snow around the holidays, the no-snow weather in Florida makes life so much easier. Gone are the days of worrying about injuries from hidden ice on the roads and sidewalks, and snowstorms keeping you inside. You’ll never feel frigid temperatures, and of course, you’ll never have to spend your mornings shoveling and digging out your car from a heap of snow… in Florida, it’s all palm trees, candy-colored skies, and warm, breezy air.


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Maintenance-Free: Speaking of shoveling… our contemporary and comfortable homes at Watercolor Place Villas in Bradenton are maintenance-free! That means you can enjoy every moment of your time without worrying about home repairs or yard work. No more mowing, mulching, edging, or shoveling. Finally, you can leave the work to someone else, and fill your schedule with everything you want to do. Whether you want to attend social events, explore the world, or simply relax at home, the choice is yours here.


Florida Sun: Speaking of idyllic weather, we have to talk about our beloved Florida sun. It’s kind of like that good friend you have for life... from sunrise to sunset and every single moment in between, you can count on the sun to be there for you throughout your days. Best of all, in The Inlets and Legends Bay, we offer several waterfront lots, which means you can enjoy the sun in the greatest way possible. If you love the look of sunlight glistening on the water, one of our spectacular waterfront homes is the oasis you deserve.


Living in Florida

There's so much to fall in love with in beautiful Florida. There’s nothing better than life here — and there’s no greater gift you can give yourself than a Medallion home! For more information about our beautiful new homes around Southwest and Central Florida, give us a call at 941-214-9857.