Community Pool or Own Pool? The Choice is Yours


On a sweltering day, there’s no place like the deep end of a swimming pool to cool off. It’s also a great way to exercise when it’s too hot to work out. And when the kids or grandkids need something to do, the pool is an endless source of entertainment. So then the question becomes: should you invest in a backyard pool or just head to the community pool (or in Medallion Home’s case, the 4-acre Lagoon)? Having a pool may seem convenient, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons when it comes to pools. 





  • Close to home. Being able to send the kids off to play at the community pool is a gift for parents. And being able to bring them home and put them to bed exhausted is another. 


  • Make new friends. Hanging out with the other kids in the community is a time-honored benefit of the community pool. No electronics, learning to share, and discovering how to play well with others are priceless.


  • Easy family time. A family outing to the community pool means you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to have fun together. Play games, relax, or eat poolside with no worries about the kids wandering off.  


  • Maintenance free. Spend more time relaxing with family and neighbors and less time worrying about keeping up the pool maintenance. When you enjoy a community pool, the hard work is already being taken care of for you. 



  • Too many people. If swimming is a meditative or serious fitness activity for you, a community pool is likely not the place for it. Between swim classes, water yoga and holidays, it may seem as if everyone is at the pool. 


  • Rules & regulations. Community pools have opening & closing hours, prohibited activities lists (no jumping into the water, no running on the deck), and a maximum number of swimmers.


Own pool Medallion Home Florida





  • Personal freedom. Pool parties, peaceful laps, and late-night swims are a huge perk when you own your own pool. Your pool is yours, 24/7. 


  • Resale appeal. Installing a pool is an investment, but is more affordable than it used to be. And buying a home that already has a pool will be attractive to pool lovers when you sell.    


  • Quality control. Keeping a swimming pool clean requires time, chemicals, and special knowledge. But you know it’s clean. And learning how to maintain a pool is a great lesson in responsibility for the kids. 



  • Constant vigilance. Pools can be dangerous for children and those who don’t know how to swim. As an owner, you must have the proper safety fencing and locks installed. You can also be held responsible for injuries incurred, too. 


  • Market demands. When selling your home, you may not receive back what you’ve invested in it. That includes the cost of installing a pool. The value of home upgrades and renovations depends on the current market demands in your area. 


  • Lax maintenance. If you don’t take care of your pool, health and safety issues can arise. Swimmers can get ill, or algae and other bacteria may form. Keeping the water PH levels accurate is vital. 

Swimming pools are a luxury for some, and a necessity for others. If you’re considering building  a personal pool, or living in a community with a pool, do your homework. Luckily, at Medallion Home, you always have the choice. For more information about Medallion’s new home communities with pools, or installing your own, please contact us at 941-214-9857.