Maintenance-Free Living in Southwest Florida


Tucked away in sunny southwest Florida, near the world-class beaches of Bradenton and Sarasota, is an idyllic new home community where the living is easy, entertainment and dining options are endless, and the weather is always perfect. Welcome to Watercolor Place Villas, a maintenance-free community with amenities in Bradenton, FL near Lakewood Ranch by Medallion Home.


Maintenance-free living means that the exterior of your home and your neighborhood are always taken care of and looking fantastic — and you don’t have to lift a finger. Eliminating yard chores and exterior home maintenance can free up to 30 hours of your time a month. That means lots more time for you to do the things you prefer and love — especially around the holidays. If your New Year’s goals include stressing less, carving out more time for yourself, and spending quality time with loved ones, maintenance-free living can help you achieve them. Here’s what this lifestyle can do for you!


The Benefits of a Maintenance Free Home


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More Time with Family and Friends


When you purchased your previous home, you might have envisioned, and even accepted with delight, that your Saturday plans for years to come would involve mowing, mulching, planting, and weeding, to name a few. The pride that comes with home ownership is real — but so are the chores. At Watercolor Place Villas, we envision a new standard of home ownership one focused on taking care of the owner’s wellbeing first, and that means less home maintenance and more excitement about the wonderful years that lie ahead.


We know you have paid your dues and we’re here to help you tap into the big reserve of relaxation you have earned! It’s your turn to dust off those hobbies, get outdoors, visit family and friends, and admire someone else’s hard work on the lawn. Saturdays are looking good.


Worry-Free Travel


You will love being able to pick up and go on that weekend beach excursion or day trip to Tampa or Orlando without hassle or worry. No sprinkler timers and favors called in from the neighbor to water your plants. The exterior of your home is beautifully maintained during every season of the year. This includes lawn care, planting and mulching, irrigation, pruning, and more. Our green thumb will take care of keeping your home and neighborhood rich, alive, and colorful. The money you will save in annual planting and maintenance can be put right back into your travel budget!


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Timeless Luxury Features


Gourmet kitchens, elegant tile, elaborate exteriors. The little details add up to a lot of luxury. Your Watercolor Place villa has features and finishes that you’ll love more and more with every passing year. We’ve built these homes to have timeless style, enduring quality, and thoughtful, flexible layouts, which means you never have to worry about home renovations or updates. 


Extra Money in Your Pocket


Your brand new villa will save you money on the inside with lower heating and cooling bills and we, as your builder, will save you money on the outside as we take care of the rest. Lawn maintenance and seasonal planting alone costs an average of $1500-2000 per year. And with no CDDs and a low HOA means even more savings in this one of a kind community! Now, close your eyes and imagine what you could do with all that extra cash — and time — on your hands. 

If you’re interested in maintenance-free living so that you can enjoy the quintessential Florida life of fun, sun, and relaxation — in the New Year and beyond — we can’t wait to show you Watercolor Place Villas. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment to see our furnished models, please contact us at 914-214-9857.

Welcome to Watercolor Place Villas, a maintenance-free community with amenities in Bradenton, FL near Lakewood Ranch by Medallion Home!