No CDD Fees at Watercolor Place

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At Watercolor Place, we take “sit back and relax” to a new level. Close to the amenities of Lakewood Ranch, this gated, maintenance-free oasis is where your days are as easy and breezy as possible, and part of that is having no CDD fees to pay.


That’s right. When you don’t have to worry about CDD fees, you can spend your money the way you want to. A CDD (or Community Development District) fee is a part of property tax included in a mortgage amount — and many communities in Florida require them. But not Watercolor Place. 


When you’re here, you get more: more savings, more luxury features included in your home, and more opportunities to do whatever you want, whenever you want.


Your CDD Fee-Free Routine


Whether you choose a single-family home or one of our villas, you can rest assured that CDD fees will not be a part of your routine. (Because when your routine looks like “lounge by the pool,” “happy hour with neighbors,” and “dinner al fresco,” there’s no room for extra payments, of course.) You’ve worked hard your whole life, and now you deserve to relax in a maintenance-free community that welcomes your unique lifestyle.


Luxury Features at our New Villas in Bradenton


Other Florida communities may have beautiful homes too, but our villa homes have more of the unique features that are often left out, including gourmet kitchens with 30” appliances, 5 1/4” base trim, and elegant tile throughout except for bedrooms, just to name a few. This means that if you choose a to-be-built villa home at Watercolor Place, you get a modern living space that looks and feels exactly the way you want it to. 


Watercolor Place Lifestyle


Looking for a 2- to 4-bedroom home on a scenic, waterview lot? We have a wide variety of single-family homes in our Serenity section to choose from. If you prefer a slightly smaller home that’s just as expertly designed, the villas in our Reflections section are perfect for you — and feature exclusive community amenities like a pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen, and a gathering place with golf course views.


Whichever home you choose, you can be sure that there are nothing but blue skies and fun times ahead. And best of all, your friendly neighbors love to live the way that you do, so you always have someone to enjoy your favorite activities with.


If you look around at your current home and find it doesn’t quite fit you anymore, you’re not alone. In a home built with all-new systems and appliances, open, airy space, and luxury features throughout, you’ll experience comfort and peace of mind like never before. Make a fresh start in 2021! Nothing says happiness like a new home that meets all of your wants and needs.

For more information about our new homes in Bradenton, FL, please contact us at 914-214-9857.