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Featured Wildlife: Sandhill Crane

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From sunny, luxurious beaches to a laidback lifestyle and friendly demeanor, Florida is well-known and loved for many reasons… Of course, the spectacular wildlife found here is at the top of the list, and Medallion Home is excited to tell you all about the wondrous animals that walk around all of our communities! You’re bound to come across them when you live in one of our communities!


This month, we’re highlighting the SANDHILL CRANE, a gorgeous bird recognized by its long gray body, red patch atop its head, and unmistakable elegance. Oftentimes flying with their necks completely outstretched, sandhill cranes are easy to spot, especially in Florida’s freshwater marshes, prairies, and pastures.


From the very beginning of their lives, sandhill cranes are active and lively — within just 24 hours of being born, sandhill crane chicks have the ability to follow their parents on the search for food. Omnivores through and through, the sandhill crane typically feasts on grains and seeds, as well things like earthworms, mice, small birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, and more.


Known for their elegance and energy, sandhill cranes do their very own dance to attract a mate… They’ll flap their wings, bow, jump, and even throw a stick or plants into the air, as well as sound a gorgeous and passionate “unison call.


In fact, the grace of these dances and songs has long since inspired different types of art throughout history (and all over the world), including fabrics, paintings, and cultural dances, and continue to fascinate people, inspiring festivals and art exhibits. Monogamous creatures, sandhill cranes mate for life, “which can mean two decades or more,” and build a nest to lay about 2 eggs a year once they’ve found their match.


If you see one of these lovable and unique creatures, you might wonder why they stand on one leg like a flamingo. Just like us, sandhill cranes are warm-blooded — they stand on one leg (when they’re roosting, or congregating with other cranes) and tuck one leg underneath their body to keep it warm.


All of us at Medallion Home are happy to provide you with a home that’s surrounded by some of mother nature’s most incredible creations! Throughout the year, you have endless opportunities to venture outside of your Medallion home and see wildlife like you’ve never imagined… We hope you enjoy your “safari!”


P.S. If you want to hear the beautiful mating calls of the sandhill crane, visit this website.