Tips For Staging Your Home to Sell

January 17th Blog


Moving into a brand new Medallion home that’s built just for you is one of the most exciting times of your life. But before you can begin this one-of-a-kind journey, you have one final to-do on your list: sell your old home. And this is where staging comes in.


Effective staging isn’t just for show — in fact, staging your home the right way will ensure that you maximize its sales price. Believe it or not, staging is a lot of fun (yes, we said fun!) and will guarantee that you’re on the best track moving forward. Take a look at a few of our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to the art of staging:



First and foremost, it’s crucial to go through every single room in the home to clean up the “clutter zones,” or areas rife with old keepsakes, decor, and things to throw area. Either pack or discard of everything to make the space feel open and inviting. This also makes moving much easier!


Make Quick Fixes

The next thing to do is look for the “quick fixes,” which are small changes that make a big impact. These fixes could include removing old area rugs to show off the hardwood floors, taking off the curtains, changing lampshades, etc. Remember, even the littlest adjustments go a long way.


Decide on Furniture

When it comes to the furniture in your home, it’s essential to make a final decision on what should stay and what should go. Always make sure to keep color, style, and function in mind to make the most confident and informed choice, and really see your home through a buyer’s eyes.



Decorate with accessories as well as art pieces to make your home look its absolute best both in person and in pictures. The vast majority of potential buyers see your home in photos online before they see it in person, so everything you do in your home should be about that crucial first impression.


Stand Out

Make your home appear unique with just a few fun touch-ups. Change the color of your front door to something like red or robin’s egg to stand apart in a neighborhood, hang multiple mirrors on the walls to create a wide open feel, and paint inside with now-trending grays or off-whites to evoke calm and happiness.


Keep it Simple

Last but not least, make sure that your home doesn’t appear too personalized, so a buyer can envision making it their very own. This may feel strange in a home that holds so much warmth and comfort, but you can rest assured that the next homeowners will continue what you’ve started.


Because a buyer’s first impression could make or break a decision, it’s important to stage your home the right way. When you understand where the eye goes first, as well as what’s pleasant and positive, and what needs a change, you can make the best adjustments to not only impress buyers, but win them over.

When you’re ready to start your new adventure in a Medallion home in beautiful Florida, our whole team is right behind you. With the right staging technique, you’ll be well on your way to your dream lifestyle in no time. We can’t wait to work with you to get you moved into a Medallion Home community!