The Right Time to Right-Size Your Life



If your life was an open book, what would you do with your time? Would you go kayaking along the gulf, teach your grandchildren how to cook, or learn a new hobby? Whatever it is you want to do, in a Medallion home, you can spend your mornings on your peaceful, private lanai before you do it…


Our secret to a happy life is simple: simplify. But simplifying your home doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. In fact, downsizing has nothing to do with the word “down,” and everything to do with the word “right.” Regardless of if you’re moving into a vacation home for the season or following your dream and settling down in Florida, you’re not moving to a smaller home — you’re moving to a luxurious, comfortable home that fits your needs, allows you to live on your terms, and is exactly right for you!


Single-Level and the Living’s Easy

Your bright, single-level oasis, complete with a private lanai and options for personalization, feels warm, comfortable, and just like home. Gone are the days of worrying about accessibility issues or injuries. Your home should be your most trusted source of comfort and your safest haven, so we design every one of ours to fit your lifestyle.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Close your eyes and picture yourself spending your hard-earned retirement in paradise, where the activities you love are right at your fingertips, people are as friendly as can be, and the weather is always in your favor… From sunny beaches to world-class golfing to one-of-a-kind arts and culture, there are so many reasons why people fall head over heels in love with towns like Sarasota and Mount Dora.


You don’t just deserve a retirement — you deserve a vacation. Here, you can begin your morning in your breakfast nook with a cup of coffee, then head right into town to do whatever you like, whether it’s hiking, fishing, shopping, boating, biking… you name it. In Florida, the options for leisure, fun, and activities are endless, whether you love to stay active, relax, or simply enjoy the warm breeze.


You Gotta Have Friends

The heart of any great community is the people that live there. At Medallion Home, your neighbors are sharing in your experience of right-sizing! In your new community, you’ll know that you’re never alone, and there’s always someone just around the corner waiting to share a little bit of sunshine.


When all is said and done, your retirement should be a time of bliss and adventure. At Medallion Home, our homes and communities allow you to spread your wings and take every leap. Whether you love to relax and mingle or travel to the ends of the earth, your lifestyle is more than welcome here. The fun part begins now.


For more information on right-sizing your life in one of our homes in beautiful Central and Southwest Florida, please visit our website. We can’t wait to find you the home that is exactly right for you!