Best Place to Retire: Sarasota


Finally, the time has come for the great adventure you’ve been dreaming about for years: your retirement! You now have all the time to do exactly what you’ve always wanted, and come back to a home that’s just as comfortable as it is luxurious. Best of all, you get to choose a town that embodies the pure joy of this journey.



At Medallion Home, we know just what it takes for a town to be worthy of your hard-earned (and long-awaited) retirement. That’s why we build gorgeous, innovative homes in and near Sarasota, FL, a charming and peaceful getaway where the sun shines brighter and happiness is found around every corner.


It’s no surprise that Conde Nast Traveler recently included Sarasota on its list of the Best Cities in the U.S., coming in at the number five spot in the Small Cities categories! Because of its booming food scene, stunning attractions like the Sarasota Opera and Ringling Circus Museum, beautiful, relaxing beach spots, and sense of friendliness and community, Sarasota is not only a popular vacation retreat, but also one of the most desirable places to retire.


Whether you love to enjoy a few rounds of golf with your friends, take a stroll through a downtown farmer’s market, discover a brand new attraction with your family, or simply unwind on the beach with a margarita in hand, Sarasota is the kind of place where you can always be yourself and explore your unique passions.


In one of our spectacular communities in Sarasota, your retirement proves that your dreams aren’t too good to be true… Believe it or not, the retirement you’ve always envisioned is even better here. All of us at Medallion Home can’t wait for you to experience this magical place for yourself! For more information on our homes and communities in Sarasota, please visit our website or give us a call at 866-698-0343.